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Achieve 100% Form Compliance Before Day One 2019-2020!

By FinalForms Media on May 23, 2019 6:47:00 AM

Let's work together to boost district compliance and increase student safety!

We often receive the following question from district administrators, assistants, and secretaries:

"Do you have any suggestions to drive parent and student action based on your experience with so many districts?"

Excellent question! We understand your dilemma. The district needs the data from online forms to ensure compliance with district policies and to ensure student safety throughout the day, on trips, and in extracurricular activities. BUT, the parents are busy and might not realize just how easy it is to complete the FinalForms process.

We’re here to help!

We believe there are 3 steps to 100% form completion:

      Make sure you review our ‘Pre-Launch Checklist’ to ensure your Parents have the information and guidance they need.
      • Distribute or post our ‘Parent Intro Letter’ on your:
        1. Email
        2. School & Athletics website ‘Forms’ page
        3. All-Call / Robo-Call
        4. Group Text Message
        5. Parent Night or Orientation
      • Post the ‘Parent Playbook’ on your:
        1. School & Athletics website ‘Forms’ page
      • Announce or post the ‘FinalForms Link’ on your:
        1. School & Athletics website ‘Home’ page
        2. School & Athletics website ‘Forms’ page
        3. Any location where online or paper forms were in the past
        4. Parent Night or Orientation
        5. Email to Parents
        6. Email to Staff
        7. Email to Students
        8. On your email signature
        9. On your automatic reply

    2. ACCESS
      Make sure there are multiple options for Parents to complete FinalForms.
      1. Ensure computer availability in a lab or library for Parents who may not have computers or mobile devices at home.
      2. Devote a kiosk in your lobby to FinalForms.
      3. Hold a forms signing day or night in August.
      4. Send paper instructions with Students that aren't compliant after the first day.
      5. Instruct homeroom teachers to call Parents if Student is not compliant after the first week.

    3. ENFORCE
      Put teeth behind your requirement for form completion. Here are some policies we’ve heard about:
      1. Deny access to school issued technology
      2. Deny access to locker
      3. Deny access to parking passes
      4. Deny access to schedules
      5. Deny extracurricular club, activity, sport participation.
      6. Deny recess (seems harsh, but if you don't have Emergency Medical Information for a Student, recess can be a huge liability).
      7. Deny grade reports

In summary, achieving 100% form compliance can be a challenge… but, it’s never been easier than while using FinalForms. Our team is here to help you every step of the way to 100% compliance before day one of the 2019-2020 school year.

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FinalForms Provides 5 First Year Athletic Directors with Scholarship

By FinalForms Media on May 16, 2019 8:43:21 AM

The FinalForms Scholarship, awarded by WSSAAA, provides financial assistance to first-year athletic administrators for the WSSAAA Annual Conference. FinalForms puts forth funds to allow WSSAAA to select 5 athletic administrators attend the conference or participate in NIAAA leadership training courses.

“We consider it an honor to provide the scholarship. FinalForms’ core values revolve around improving education-based athletics,” states Steve Frucci, “By helping these ADs gain education and exposure to best practices, we’re helping to raise the bar.”

“As a first-year Athletic Director, I have been seeking different opportunities to gain Professional Development experiences. The WSSAAA Conference is just one great way for me to learn and make important contacts and connections,” says last year’s recipient Kristin DiJosie of Lakewood High School, “As a result of earning this scholarship, I was able to enroll in a leadership course that counts for credit toward my Certified Athletic Administrator credentials.”

2019 Recipients:

  • Robert Hill, Yelm High School
  • Stephen Pyeatt, Connell High School
  • Brent Brakke, Lincoln High School
  • Ryan Helms, Riverview High School
  • Megan Smedley, Colville High School

2018 Recipients

  • John Hill, Bellevue City Schools
  • Kristin DiJosie, Lakewood High School
  • Michelle Graffis, Lewis & Clarke HS (Spokane Schools)
  • James Neil,  Tacoma School District
  • Peter Frentzen, Highlands Middle School (Not a member this year)

"FinalForms is a true partner," states WSSAAA Executive Director Dave Tikker, "FinalForms and WSSAAA missions align when opportunities are provided for Athletic Directors to deepen their knowledge and improve education-based athletics."

- - - - - 

What is WSSAAA?
WSSAAA serves roughly 550 Athletic Directors with unique member benefits, continuing education, and networking opportunities. 

What is FinalForms?
FinalForms is an online forms and data management company founded by a coach and his All-American athlete. The FinalForms team, product, and service help schools collect, verify, and distribute data to boost district compliance and student safety while reducing risk, controversy, and liability. FinalForms boasts a flawless client retention record since inception, in 2012. 

Interested in learning more?

 Learn More

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Clay Burnett honored by Ohio Senate for Remarkable Distinction

By FinalForms Media on May 9, 2019 4:51:00 AM

The Quisenberry Service Award, awarded by the Ohio Senate, recognizes special contributions, leadership and service to interscholastic athletics in Ohio as well as the local and state level. It is presented to an individual from outside the profession of athletic administration who has made powerful improvements and offered quality service to interscholastic athletes.

“It’s truly fulfilling to receive the honor. The recognition of FinalForms’ impact on education-based athletics is an unprecedented distinction for our team, product and service,” claims Burnett, “Our commitment to school district compliance and student safety, as well as the integrity of our staff supports our offering, which drives industry standards in education technology.”

Burnett has led the explosive growth of FinalForms while setting new industry standards, annually doubling revenues, and maintaining a flawless client retention record. Today he's fulfilling his vision of building a team, designing a product, and providing a service that dramatically improves both education and athletics.

“You have striven to better the world around you, and your intuitiveness and integrity has earned you the esteem of all who know you. We are certain that you will continue to put forth the same unwavering commitment to excellence for which you have become known, and your accomplishments will encourage your fellow citizens to join together and enact improvement not only for our state’s prosperity but also for the advancement of tomorrow’s leaders,” wrote Senator Larry Obhof, President of the Ohio Senate.

Burnett accepted the award at the Northeast Ohio Interscholastic Athletic Administration Association awards banquet in April.

Photo: Left: Clay Burnett; Right: Kevin Leigh, Athletic Director, Padua Franciscan High School.

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How to Connect FinalForms and ProgressBook in 5 Easy Steps

By FinalForms Media on Apr 30, 2019 9:20:54 AM

The FinalForms–ProgressBook certification and integration processes are 100% complete meaning school districts throughout Ohio can now integrate two of their most crucial applications: FinalForms and ProgressBook. The integration connects FinalForms’ premier data collection, verification, and distribution system with Software Answers’ robust ProgressBook Student Information System (SIS).

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4 Questions to Ask the Best Online Athletic Forms Providers

By FinalForms Media on Dec 15, 2018 8:32:00 AM

We love questions. A curious prospect often turns into a content customer. Whether you’re shaking hands at a conference or sitting for a complete product demonstration, your time with each potential service provider is limited. The best way to maximize these meetings is to be prepared.

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Athletic Directors - Save $12,000.00 THIS YEAR!

By FinalForms Media on Dec 13, 2018 1:42:30 PM


Complete these 2 simple sentences:

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Top 5 Reasons Why YOU Should Attend the NIAAA National Athletic Directors Conference

By FinalForms Media on Dec 3, 2018 9:31:37 AM

Each year more than 2,000 Athletic Directors descend upon a premier host city to take courses, participate in workshops, earn certification, and visit exhibitors. This year, that city is San Antonio, and the educational opportunities are better than ever.

“One of the most important things Athletic Directors can do is join and participate in their State and National Associations,” claims Bruce Brown, OIAAA Executive Director. “The Annual Conference provides ADs with the opportunity to gain perspective on leadership in the evolving landscape of education-based athletics.”

Here are just a few of the many workshop offerings:
  • Mentoring Coaches for Their Personal Growth

  • Increasing Student Participation and Retention

  • Why Encourage Multi-Sport Participation?

… and a few key courses for every Athletic Director:

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FinalForms Celebrates 1,200 Schools by Breaking Ground in 5 New States!

By FinalForms Media on Nov 28, 2018 12:11:38 PM

California, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, and Virginia… get ready!

When Cross Country Coach Clay Burnett, now CEO, signed the first 12 schools in 2012, he wasn’t thinking exponential growth; he was attempting to solve simple problems.

Now the FinalForms team, comprised of 20+, serves 1,200+ schools in 16 states. FinalForms solves an extraordinary number of problems by understanding needs and deploying data management solutions. Features include automated options to manage parent communication, coach certification, and athlete eligibility as well as specialized solutions for attendance, inventory, and urgent mental health notifications.

“The core vision of FinalForms remains helping our schools collect, verify, and distribute data to guarantee compliance and increase safety,” states Burnett. “We keep things simple and solve the problems that plague every athletic department.”

FinalForms is actively expanding the team by adding ambassadors and salespeople in strategic markets. “It’s all about the people,” claims Burnett. “From a coach’s perspective, we’re assembling a dream team.” The ever-expanding team expects to follow a rapid growth trajectory for years to come.

“We’re proud to be first on board in North Carolina. FinalForms delivers a unique set of features and services previously unavailable in our market,” says Jamie Lee, Athletic Director at Cleveland High School in Johnston County, North Carolina.

1,000 schools and 5 new states may be the story right now, but stay tuned… breaking news is the norm for FinalForms.
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7 New Payment Features: Cash, Credit, Payment Plans, Late Fees, and More!

By FinalForms Media on Nov 28, 2018 11:10:50 AM

The FinalForms Team understands what schools need when they ask for new features. While past payment features covered the basic need to process online payments, there was a level of service that remained out-of-reach. 

The most recent round of Summer 2018 updates includes 7 major updates that transform FinalForms into a full service online payment system:

  1. Payment Documentation
  2. Multi-School Family Caps
  3. Partial Payment Status for Payment Plans
  4. External Payment Mode for Checks and Cash
  5. Late Fees
  6. Billing for Missing Equipment
  7. Improved Receipts for Parents


Julie Renner, Director of Operations, validated the Sales Team reports and Client requests for improvements. “In my 23 years as an educator, payment plans were always a headache. I knew FinalForms could help.” Renner coordinated with the Development Team to plot the plan for optimization. The enhancements are scheduled for delivery in July 2018.
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3 More State Titles: Coach Clay Burnett is Obsessed with Competition

By FinalForms Media on Jun 15, 2018 10:52:00 AM

When FinalForms CEO Clay Burnett returns from a conference or meeting, his first stop is often the track. Burnett’s boundless energy leads both teams and individuals to reaching heights beyond what most think possible.

Since 2015, Burnett’s tracksters racked up 6 State Championships, 2 Silver Medals, 2 Bronze Medals and 5 additional podium spots. Remarkably, the feats include a 3-peat in the Girls 4x800m and a 1600m State Record: 4:05.62.

Burnett is a cerebral, charismatic force to be reckoned with in any arena of competition. “My focus is maximizing potential when it counts the most,” states Burnett. His aura visibly brightens when peak performance is the topic.

“Clay’s ability to gauge competition, uncover weaknesses and utilize strengths is unique. He creates capable teams and boosts performance to an exaggerated level. He’s an admirable leader,” explains rival Coach Chris Ickes of Kenston High School.

During the same years Burnett earned statewide respect for his track program, he’s elevated FinalForms to the lead of the education technology industry. The FinalForms team of educators and peerless product quickly create enthusiastic advocates out of every day users. Burnett’s track record for business includes 6 consecutive years of triple-digit growth and a nearly perfect client retention report.

“I’m excited about what’s to come. We have revolutionary ideas on the whiteboard that will really open your eyes in the next few years. Stay tuned!” Burnett exclaims as he walks out the office door, back to the track.
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